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Project Description

SAP EWM project in cooperation with SAP Italia. As part of a custom development project, the experts from contrimo were responsible for implementing enhancements in SAP EWM (Pick-Pack-Pass Process, etc.). In this project, the experts of contrimo had to consider the specific requirements of the fashion industry.

contrimo fulfilled the following tasks in the overall project:

  • SAP EWM Enhancements
  • Escalation / De-Escalation Management
  • BADI Implementation in EWM and ERP
  • Outbound RF Development
  • Stress Test Automation: Pick-Pack-Pass (PPP), Repacking Process
  • Material Flow System for the Pick-Pack-Pass Process (PPP)
  • Pick-Pack-Pass Process with Start-Stop Function – contrary to the standard, in the range of warehouse orders (which describe the PPP) additional / new orders were added.
  • Reports, Monitoring, EGF (Easy Graphics Framework)
  • RF-Loading
  • Dynamic Route Determination:Dynamic changes of the delivery routes for the loading process
  • Extremely Complex Loading
  • Performance Optimization (System had to process about 180,000 delivery items per day)

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