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Project Description

  • SAP Hybris
  • SAP PI

Project Services

contrimo provided the following services within the framework of the total project:

  • Replacement of the exiting Microsoft software by an SAP CRM, ERP, EWM and PI solution architecture.
  • DocMorris introduced a completely new IT platform for its mail order business.
  • In addition to the SAP components, the new solution includes a Hybris e-commerce platform, new Output Management Systems, High Performance Scanner, Image Server, Cognos, etc.
  • On top of that, interfaces for pharmacy services, payment reminder system & debt collection, duplicate checking, address verification, creditworthiness, Paygate, etc.
  • The existing SAP CRM, which was so far predominantly an e-commerce solution, has been extended to marketing, sales and service processes.
  • In addition, the e-commerce solution was extended to a multi-shop system, i.e. multi-brand solution
  • SAP CRM and ERP have been enriched by diverse web applications.
  • The existing e-commerce platform has been extended by SAP ERP, EWM, PI and various third-party solutions.
  • Furthermore, supplier and freight forwarder solutions were integrated into internal processes.

About DocMorris

DocMorris is the largest mail order pharmacy in Europe. It also operates local pharmacies in Germany, Ireland, Sweden and Italy.