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Project Description

  • SAP CRM Loyalty Management System
  • Mobile Application
  • Mobile Devices
  • Kiosk Solution

As part of a CRM project, the experts of contrimo demonstrated how an integration of the SAP CRM Loyalty Management System into the cashier system of the clients’ supermarkets would optimally look like.

To this end, a brief explanation is required what processes are running within SAP CRM Loyalty Management: In the initial situation, the customer receives a bonus card at the supermarket. This is a requirement so that the customer can be identified in SAP CRM. After receiving the card, the customer can shop immediately, but within 90 days he must register with his data for the bonus program. Because, only after registering, client data will be stored in SAP CRM and assigned to the card.

In order to make this registration process as convenient as possible for the customer, contrimo has developed a mobile application, which the customer can use to register directly already in the supermarket. The application runs on all mobile devices, as well as on the existing super-market kiosk solution. Note: Alternatively, the customer can also register conveniently from his home via the corresponding Internet page.

Following the purchase, the customer is identified with his bonus card at the cash register and the shopping data, send by the cash register in real-time, get converted by the SAP CRM system into corresponding bonus points, which the customer receives for his purchase. Following that, the calculated points are reported back to the cashier system and the obtained points and the balance of the points account are printed out on the customer’s slip.

When shopping again, the customer has the option to reduce the purchase price of the products he has purchased for the amount that corresponds to his acquired points. To keep the points account current, also here the above described communication between the cashier system and SAP CRM takes place.

In addition to the cashier system, also the customer’s Service Desk had been connected to SAP CRM Loyalty Management. If the customer returns a product, then the service desk staff can check via the SAP CRM when the product was purchased and how many points have been credited for the product. During the service process that was created for returned goods, the points that have been previously credited for the product are then automatically deducted from the customer’s points account.

Project Services

  • Providing advice to the customer regarding the optimal design and implementation of the project dependent on the requirements of the customer.
  • Creating the technical design for the integration of the cashier system
  • Defining the interfaces
  • Synchronizing the user interface with the kiosk app processes
  • Creating a Fiori interface for the kiosk app
  • Creating an interface for incoming and outgoing notifications of the cashier system
  • Customizing of SAP CRM Loyalty Management for the requirements of the points system
  • Development of an interface for exporting the generated card numbers

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