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Project Description

Project in cooperation with Movilizer for Enders GmbH & Co.KG. Enders asked for a mobile iPad solution which would provide support to his sales representatives at the appointments with the company’s customers during their daily tour. Core feature of the solution is the Movilizer SAP Connector, connecting the customer’s SAP system with the iPad app. Based on the weekly trip plan the sales representative receives the up-to-date data he needs for the sales appointments with his customers. Furthermore, with his mobile device, he can update the data of his customers at any time and enter the data of offers, contracts or returns while being at the customer’s.

With the mobile app on his iPad the sales representative gets access to up-to-date customer data like:

  • Trip Plan: Customer List, Address List, Integrated Map, Route Proposal

  • Master Customer Data: Address, Communication Data, Customer Classification, Special Conditions, Notes, Contact Person with Contact Details, Open Items, Customer Order History

  • Order and Delivery History: Of every customer

  • Article Master: General Data, Price Information with Price History, Suppliers, Delivery Information

  • Item Search: Via Article Master

  • Grouping Function: Based on Product Group

  • Price Development: Since the last order

  • Price Calculation: Based on Customer Classification and Special Conditions

  • Price-Profit-Ratio: Dynamic representation by color coding

The key feature of the application is the Mobile Data Collection. The application comes with a lot of functions that make the whole process of data collection a lot quicker:

Based on:

  • Order History
  • Customer-specific Favorites List
  • Special Conditions

Provided by the order history per article:

  • Last Order
  • Order number
  • Quantity Last Delivered
  • Average Quantity Delivered
  • Price Offered Last

The solution is connected with SAP ERP via the Movilizer Cloud Technology. All changes made to the SAP ERP master data and to the transactional data are updated automatically every time the mobile application is synchronized. Additionally the changes made to the data on the mobile application are saved in the backend system for further processes. By using an agile approach to realize the project, the single components of the application could by agreed and developed in close cooperation with the customer and in only a short amount of time. Only a few weeks after the internal introduction the application has been very well accepted by the company’s field sales staff.

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About Enders

For over 170 years now the name ENDERS GmbH & Co.KG has stood for partnership in the butcher’s trade and the offering of an attractive service portfolio.