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Project Description

  • SAP EWM Roll-Out
  • Picking Dialogue
  • Custom RF Transactions
  • Rebooking EWM to ERP
  • Restocking in EWM
  • Reporting

The JOST group is a leading manufacturer of vehicle connection systems, modules and components for trucks & trailers. Fifth-wheel couplings and landing gears, which are manufactured under the product brand JOST, are the standard in the global market.

SAP EWM was introduced for the Global Logistic Centre and for the high-bay warehouse the Material Flow System (MFS) was implemented in the warehouse management system.

Main Tasks:

  • Picking Dialogue for the high-bay warehouse at JOST
  • Custom RF Transactions for the process of metal coatings
  • Rebooking EWM to ERP storage locations in the RF, acknowledging manufacturing orders in RF
  • Restocking in EWM storage location by RF
  • Report on control of the warehouse retrieval control considering the layout-oriented storage control and capacities of the warehouse retrieval / picking workplaces. This report runs in the background and controls, i.e. triggers the retrieval from the high-bay warehouse for customer order, i.e. production order.

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