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Project Description

  • Development
  • Database Design
  • Personalized Medicine
  • Reporting Tool
  • Cancer Therapy
  • Big Data

Reporter – Generates reports for the best medical treatments / drug / medication detected for a certain cancer disease / gene mutation.

Big Data project: the aim of the application is to propose the best treatment for a detected mutation on some gene(s). For every case (patient case), the application determines what the best matching CVI (Clinical Variant Interpretation – Biomarker) is and proposes the best treatment to a certified physician (user of the application).

The algorithms that are implemented in the HANA database take into consideration the base of knowledge already stored in a database as well as values entered by the user of the application (certified physician). With this approach, the more users use this application, the more precise it becomes.

The user interface is based on OpenUI5 (Single Page application) and persistence layer is HANA database with entities exposed as REST (xsjs services) and OData(xsodata) services.

Technologies used in project

  • HANA SQL Script
  • xsjs
  • JavaScript (SAPUI5)
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JSON
  • OData
  • Rest Services
  • HANA

Project Tasks

contrimo has been responsible for the following tasks in the overall project:

  • Database Design
  • Implementation of algorithms for matching mutations and CVIs
  • Implementation of xsodata and rest(xsjs) services
  • – Improvement of performance (caching of data, forcing early materialization of data, splitting the request into multiple depending on user’s actions)